Exol Lubricants

Exol Lubricants

Industrial Component Supplies Ltd have over 50 grades of EXOL oils & greases in Saltash for immediate delivery & collection (400gm up to 205Litres).

Exol Lubricants are the largest independent lubricants company in the UK, manufacturing and supplying a range of lubricants and associated products to industry, agriculture, transport, automotive and garage sectors.

Some example prices

EXOL Ultramax ISO 46 Premium Hydraulic Oil (H008)  x 25 Ltr @ £70.50 + VAT

20, 25 & 205 Litres stock in Saltash - for collection or delivery.

EXOL Taurus SHPD E7 15W-40 Super High Performance Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil (M363) x 25 Ltr @ £79.50 + VAT

25 & 205 Litres stock in Saltash - for collection or delivery.

EXOL Optima Fully Synthetic Engine Oils from £23.30 x 5 Ltr + VAT

5 Grades in Saltash (covers 80% of vehicles)

Also stocks of UTTO (Universal Tractor) in 25 & 205 Litres

Antifreeze, Gear, Compressor, Chainsaw & Milking Machine Oils, ATF's & more + many grades of Grease.

Trade discounts are applicable on larger orders.


Oil Check ?  Cars, Light Commercials, Trucks & Buses, Agricultural Equipment & Construction & Material Handling. Enter details here

Check out our EXOL EP2 Grease prices.




Other leading manufactures of Industrial adhesives, sealants & lubricants offering high quality and performance products, all available through ICS Ltd. 




DELTA Adhesives






AMBERSIL Products  Now stocked in Saltash - very competitive prices       http://www.ambersil.co.uk/csp/web/CountryPage.cs...



ROCOL  # 34200  -  Quick & Clean Wipes x 150 pack  -   only  £19.95 + VAT

Rocol Price List - March 22

RustOleum Maintenance Paints

We now stock a range of Rust-Oleum CombiColor and Hard Hat Topcoats industrial paints & primers.

Colours include JCB, Massey, New Holland, John Deere & Deutz machine colours.

Floor paints & Anti-Slip Floor Sprays.



oil & grease


NTN-SNR Single-point self-lubricators:  guarantee Reliable lubrication.


The range of single-point self-lubricators ensures continuous, reliable, clean and extremely precise lubrication. Easily integrable in different types of applications (mechanical and automotive industries, steel mills, paper mills, etc.), single-point self-lubricators result in an optimised lubrication function, without the need to modify your facilities.
NTN-SNR offers 3 types of single-point lubricators: Drive, Ready and Smart.Each responds to different applications: humid environments, variations in temperature, situations requiring a specific dose, either remotely or physically at the point to be lubricated.

READY BOOSTER (size 60 or 125cc): the READY BOOSTER lubricator is the ideal economic solution for difficult, humid or explosive environments, or those environments exposed to corrosion or requiring maximum levels of hygiene. The length of time for distribution of the grease is adjustable from 1 to 12 months very simply, via an activation wheel.
SMART BOOSTER (size 125cc): the SMART BOOSTER lubricator is intended for explosive atmospheres where there are strong variations in temperature. It is the first electrochemical self-lubricator that is equipped with a reusable control unit. The length of time for distribution is very easy to adjust to the closest month (from 1 to 12 months) by means of simple manual pressure on the control unit.
DRIVE BOOSTER (size 120 or 250cc): the DRIVE BOOSTER solves lubrication needs in dangerous or difficult to access areas, which are subject to severe vibrations or high ambient temperatures.. It is a tool that is powerful, fast and easy to programme (usage period of 1 to 12 months, modifiable and can be stopped at any time), which allows extremely precise lubrication that is independent of the temperature and ambient pressure, and which has a high operating reliability.